About The Artist


I currently and joyfully paint and reside in Southern California with my husband and three beautiful daughters, but my story doesn't begin there. My paintings are a reflection of both adventure and my first 5 years of motherhood.


In 2010 my husband and I gave birth to our first daughter who we named Carsen. It was both the most beautiful and traumatic experience of our lives as our sweet girl was born blind, deaf, and severely disabled despite my completely normal pregnancy. We spent five wonderful years caring for Carsens every need, while adding three more beautiful girls to our family. Then, at the age of five Carsen sadly passed away unexpectedly in her sleep from complications of her disabilities. And while she left her family too soon, we rest easy knowing she is free from the pain and ailments that plagued her little body.  

After Carsen left us, my husband and I decided to live life to the fullest and live out our daughters legacy, so we moved into an RV to travel the United States with our three daughters. We bounced from Coast to Coast and everywhere in between for almost 2 years. Exploring National Parks, Beaches, Mountains, grassy fields. Anywhere we could find nature, and fresh air. 

I had grown up drawing and painting all my life. My Grandmother happens to be an amazing artist as well. I learned everything I know from her. During our travels, painting became an amazing outlet for me. Each time we arrived in a new location I was inspired to paint flowers, mountains, beaches. It was a truly healing experience, and a cleansing of my soul.  

Today I paint to communicate the rawness and simplicity of having hope.  My work is intuitive, a feeling. It pours out of me unscripted and unplanned. When I am painting I play soft music, and find myself in a peaceful meditative state.  Painting is healing for me. Each painting brings me another step closer to peace as I step further away from grief. What ends up on paper is soft and gentle.  I am often told that my paintings are calming, and I like that. They are a reminder just like nature is, to take a deep breathe, to smile, to be gentle with yourself.